Sports Facility Fence Installation
In Fort Myers and Surrounding Areas

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    Fort Myers  Sports Facility Fencing

    Fort Myers Sports Facility Fencing

    Living in Southwest Florida means enjoying outdoor sports year-round. With so much demand for recreation spaces, athletic centers need durable and safe fences to ensure the best experience for players. For a barrier that marries precision craftsmanship with superior materials, turn to Revolution Fence Company for sports facility fencing in Fort Myers, FL.

    Fort Myers Sports Facility Fencing

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    The Unique Features of Sports Facility Fencing

    Fort Myers Sports Facility Fencing

    Unlike other residential and commercial fences, sports facility fencing has unique requirements to ensure athlete and spectator safety without disrupting play. In addition to containing the athletes and balls or other equipment, an athletic fence may also need to define specific areas for the game, help with crowd control, and keep everyone at the facility safe and secure. 

    Revolution Fence Company implements advanced technology and supreme materials to ensure we install sports facility fencing in Fort Myers, FL, that enhances everyone’s experience while providing a long-lasting and low-maintenance barrier.  

    Factors That Influence Sports Court Fencing 

    When clients come to us for help with a sports court fence, we work closely with them to develop a design and construction plan tailored to their unique needs. This typically means discussing three major concerns:


    Knowing what you want to accomplish with the fence is the first step in selecting materials and design. A fence to protect spectators is different from one for containing balls, for example, so we take time to understand what you need. 


    The taller the fence, the more complex the installation process. The fence’s purpose determines its height, and we work with clients to clarify their expectations and ensure the structure is tall enough to accommodate its purpose.

    Durability and Safety 

    Chain link fencing is so common in sports facilities because of its exceptional weather and impact resistance. If there’s a possibility that players or equipment will hit the fence during play, it must be strong enough to sustain impact without causing injury. We design sports court and field fences with safety features like smooth edges, reinforced corners, and flexible fence fabric to ensure the safest and most pleasant playing experience.  

    Where We Install Sports Facility Fencing in Fort Myers, Florida  

    Revolution Fence Company works with sports organizations and facilities throughout Southwest Florida to install attractive and long-lasting fences for: 

    • Tennis courts 
    • Pickleball courts  
    • Community centers 
    • Basketball courts 
    • Baseball fields
    • Football fields
    • Soccer fields 
    • Playgrounds and parks
    • Pool areas
    • Running tracks 

    Whatever the sport or facility size, the experienced professionals at our local, family-owned company are here to build the perfect fence.

    Why Choose Revolution Fence Company in Fort Myers, Florida? 

    Sports Facility Fencing in Fort Myers

    Revolution Fence Company is Fort Myers' top-rated fence company, thanks to our commitment to excellence in everything we do. From the moment you schedule a consultation, we’ll work with you to design a custom athletic fence that reflects the brand and aesthetics of your facility, improves gameplay and safety, and respects your time and budget. 

    We also take pride in our installation skills. You don’t need to worry about shoddy craftsmanship or unreliable work schedules, thanks to our customer satisfaction guarantee. From start to finish, we promise a hassle-free experience. 

    Choose Revolution Fence Company for a Safe and Durable Sports Fence 

    To make your sports facility safer and more appealing to local players, talk to Revolution Fence Company about quality sports court fencing in Fort Myers, FL. A perfectly crafted fence constructed from superior materials will elevate your facility and make it the most in-demand place to play in town. 

    Start exploring innovative sports facility fencing in Fort Myers, Florida,  and call Revolution Fence Company at  239-994-9592 to schedule a complimentary consultation and estimate today. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of fencing are best for sports courts?

    Chain-link fencing is commonly used for sports courts due to its durability and ability to withstand high-impact hits. It provides clear visibility and safety, ensuring balls or equipment don't stray out of the playing area. Options for vinyl-coating can add color and reduce the risk of injury.

    How high should fencing be around a sports court?

    The height of sports court fencing varies depending on the sport. For example, tennis courts typically require fences between 10 to 12 feet, while basketball courts might need lower fences. Custom heights can be designed to suit specific requirements.

    Can sports court fencing be customized for different sports?

    Yes, sports court fencing can be tailored to the specific needs of different sports. This includes variations in mesh sizes, heights, and gate configurations to accommodate various types of sports equipment and gameplay.

    Is sports court fencing weather resistant?

    Sports court fencing is designed to be weather-resistant, often made from materials like vinyl-coated chain-link or galvanized steel, which are durable and can withstand various weather conditions, from intense sun to heavy rain.