Temporary Fence
In Fort Myers and Surrounding Areas

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    Fort Myers  Temporary Fencing

    Temporary Fence in Fort Myers, FL

    At Revolution Fence Company, we understand that not all fencing needs are permanent. We specialize in versatile, high-quality temporary fencing solutions for the Fort Myers community, customized to meet diverse requirements. Whether it's ensuring the safety of your construction site, managing events, or controlling crowds, you can trust our team for reliable and efficient temporary fencing services.

    Temporary Fence in Fort Myers, FL

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    The Role of Temporary Fencing

    Fort Myers Temporary Fence

    Temporary fencing serves as a versatile solution for creating short-term barriers. Used for a variety of purposes, it is an ideal choice for directing traffic, restricting access to sensitive areas, ensuring privacy, and enhancing security until a more permanent solution is in place. At Revolution Fence Company in Fort Myers, FL, we offer an array of temporary fencing options suitable for diverse needs, including:

    • Outdoor and indoor events
    • Residential and commercial construction sites 
    • Sporting events 
    • Disaster response operations
    • Crowd control measures
    • And More.....

    Our temporary fencing solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. While some installations may not require anchoring to the ground, others, especially in areas with specific safety or stability needs, might necessitate secure grounding. This adaptability allows for the design of custom layouts that can be modified as requirements evolve, like on construction sites or during event progression.

    Installation of our temporary fences is streamlined for efficiency. While we ensure rapid deployment, we also pay close attention to the specifics of each site. Depending on the terrain and the fencing type, minimal groundwork may be necessary to ensure stability and security. Our approach ensures that the temporary fencing setup is reliable, safe, and minimally invasive to the site, avoiding extensive soil disturbance.

    Benefits of Choosing Revolution Fence Company’s Temporary Fencing

    Revolution Fence Company proudly offers top-rated temporary fencing in Fort Myers, FL, which comes with several benefits.

    The most common choice is temporary fence panels, freestanding metal structures in multiple shapes, sizes, and heights to accommodate various scenarios. There’s no need to drill into the pavement or dig holes to secure the panels, which have a weighted base for stability. When used indoors, these panels won’t damage the flooring, either.

    Chain link fencing is another option for a short-term barricade. You can choose from a chain link panel or increase stability and security by installing temporary posts in the ground. You can also customize a chain link fence with additional features, like barbed wire, for added security.

    Using a temporary fence from Revolution Fence Company at your event or work site is a durable and safer option that makes a good impression on the public. They give the area a more uniform and professional appearance while also supporting a safer and more organized environment.  

    Local Fencing Solutions From Fort Myers’ Premier Source 

    Temporary Fencing in Fort Myers

    Revolution Fence Company is dedicated to serving the Fort Myers area with top-notch temporary and permanent fencing solutions. As a family-owned business, we focus on understanding and fulfilling your specific fencing needs. Our services include:

    • Free quotes on any fencing project
    • A satisfaction guarantee on every project 
    • A wide selection of fence styles 
    • Fast, efficient service that never cuts corners

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    For all your temporary fencing needs in Fort Myers, FL, choose Revolution Fence Company. We offer the largest selection of fence panels and unmatched customer service, including timely delivery and setup assistance.

    Contact us at 239-994-9592 to discuss your temporary fencing requirements and get a free quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the common uses for temporary fencing?

    Temporary fencing is widely used for construction sites, events, crowd control, and emergency situations. It provides a flexible and quickly deployable solution to create safe and secure areas as needed.

    How easy is it to install and remove temporary fencing?

    Temporary fencing is designed for easy installation and removal. It usually comes in panels that can be quickly set up and taken down without the need for extensive tools or professional installation, making it a convenient option for short-term needs.

    Can temporary fencing be secured against tampering or theft?

    Yes, temporary fencing can be secured with locks, bracing, and weighted bases to prevent tampering or theft. Additional security features, like barbed wire or privacy screens, can also be added for enhanced security.

    Is temporary fencing customizable in terms of size and layout?

    Temporary fencing offers flexibility in size and layout. Panels come in various heights and widths, allowing for customization according to the specific requirements of the site or event.